Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My hits4pay review.

Hello to all you readers out there. I haven't posted in a while because I've been working almost everyday. This recession is killing business. but anyways, back to my honest hits4pay review.

Nick's Hits4pay review:

Let's start with the basics shall we? Hits4pay is a company that pays their readers to read emails on different topics (We in the biz. call it a Pay To Read or ptr for short). Essentialy, they pay you to read an advertisement for one to two minutes. hits4pay is owned by Martha Merten of Multiple Stream Marketing it's a United States based company. I have read many different hits4pay reviews so far, but I just haven't been able to get into them. So that's why I am writing this for all of you out there! Let me tell you something there are some people out there saying that hits4pay scams you. Don't believe them, it's all just talk. I say this because every single person that I've talked to about hits4pay online and off all tell me how much they love it. I have not had one single referral tell me that hits4pay scammed them. All of their users love getting paid to read their email's. As do I.

In the beginning you will receive anywhere from four to ten emails a day depending on what topics that you selected when you signed up. This is completely free so you really don't have anything to lose. Registration takes about 5 minutes to complete and 24 hours to activate. They must check your IP address to make sure that there is only 1 account per computer to avoid cheating.

This site is the Crème de la Crème of the ptr scene.They are one of the most trusted and well renown site around. After you reach the payout limit you will receive your payment via check around the 15 of the month. They are usaully good on sending payments out. Now you may be curious as to how much you get paid. You will be making 2 cents per advert you complete. Now I know this isn't much by any standard but relax and listen. They send out about four to six emails a day, depending on what topics you picked at the sign up. So just off the top you make about 8 to 12 cents a day. But then you add the fact that you receive 1 cent each advert that your referral reads. I have about 180 something referrals under my belt. Usually around 150 or so read 5 ads a day so do the math point dexter. That's about $7-$10 dollars a day. And my referrals grow by the HOUR!!! That's where the real money is. The only limit is how far are YOU willing to go. So there it is. My hits4pay review. Go now, and start making that money!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got a website? Monetize traffic with hits4pay

Have a blog with active readers? If yes post a little something about hits4pay and remember to include a banner for them to click on. If you don't then google search blogs geared towards making money online and post a couple comments on a few of their pages. Don't spam your link, but give detailed info.

If you don't have a blog or a website, why not make one? Its very easy. Just sign up at blogger.com And start posting hints and tricks. Kinda like this one!!!

Forums = hits4pay referrals

Hello everyone,

Forums are by far THE best way to get referrals from hits4pay. There are tons of forums made to help people make money online. This is laser targeted people. And after you've showed them that you've made a $100 so far they'll be dying to get more info.

Alot of those people on the forum will be asking what is the best ptr (paid to read) program out there. Well tell them! And not just that person will sign up. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that you received 25 referrals off ONE post!!!

Make sure when your on the forums make a post about hits4pay and a picture of payment proof (google search hits4pay payment proof.) And always remember to put in your affiliate link into your signature.

This method alone accounts for more than HALF of my referrals! So get on it people!

AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC Yet Another Way to Get hits4pay Referrals

Using your favorite instant messenger is another fantastic way to get referrals on hits4pay. And it's one of the easiest ways too. All you need to do is send a simple instant message to a bunch of your friends. Just tell them about it and how much they can make and I guarantee that some of them will go for it. Go into a couple of chatrooms that are full of people wanting to make money online. Talk to everyone for a little while and after that simply post your REFERRAL LINK(as you will not receive a referral when they sign up under the main page and not your link)

You never know how many people this will bring under you, but hey its free! What do you have to
lose besides 5 mins of your time?


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Myspace more than you thought...

Do you use myspace? If no, stop living under a rock. Most of your friends have one and I'd bet that most of them would just love to make an extra $10, $15, $20 a day! Catch my drift?? Go get one immediately. It's ok I'll wait for you to get back.

Myspace is more than just a way to keep in touch with friends and family. It's also a great way to show your friends/family hits4pay.

If you already have a myspace the GREAT! Message all of your friends to tell them about hits4pay. You should also put out bulletins to get as much people as you can to sign up under you. Just show them this blog to help them get started.

The myspace method can get you anywhere from one to thousands of referrals, depending on how many friends you have. My girlfriend got like forty or fifty referrals like that!

Friends and Family a great source for hits4pay referrals

Friends, the easiest referrals.

Do you know anybody that is always trying to make a buck online or off? Or how about someone who is always trying to save a penny here and there. Well guess what, you have referral gold right there. These are the types of people are great to refer because most of them will try and probably love hits4pay just like me and you!

Using friends is the easiest way to acquire new referrals. Because they will give you the time of day and listen to what you have to say about hits4pay. Just make sure they sign up under your link!!

Family, get them involved
Another great way to get referrals is through your family. Do you have any younger cousins or nephews and nieces? They can be a fantastic source of referrals. Just tell them about the program and show them how much you've made before. Show them this blog to help convince them. After they sign up bring my blog back up and show em' the ropes. If anyone in your family is in high school get them to sign up. Most younger people have tons of friends in high school that would just love to sign up and make you money on hits4pay wouldn't they? I know, I know.

These two methods combined has gotten me over 100 different referrals. My cousins have lots and lots of friends that signed up. Thanks Joey I appreciate the help.

Wanna turn $.02 an email to $20 a DAY!!

Now if you think your going to make a fortune by getting $0.02 a email, I hate to burst your bubble but it's just not going to happen.

Do you want to learn how to achieve $20 a instead of $0.02 an email???
I thought so... Well first your going to need Referrals
Referral: A person who signs up under your referral link.
Referrals are the backbone behind making money behind hits4pay. You make $0.01 for every email someone you refer reads. You also make $0.01 for every email their referrals read. So lets do a little math shall we? If you have 10 referrals under you and each of your referrals have 10 referrals under them, and all of them read 10 emails a day you would earn 10 x $0.01 = $0.10 + 100 x $0.01 = $1.00 so you make about $1.10 a day! Thats only 10 referrals. Now imagine if you had 20, 40, 85 referrals all working under you. Now you see the secret behind hits4pay.
And to be honest with you I'm averaging 10 new referrals A DAY and I don't even do anything! I don't even read my emails.

As of right now I have over 375 referrals on my first level and 863 second level. And alot of them read everyday! I'm making atleast $45.00 A DAY!!! If you would like to see how to accomplish numbers like these keep on readin'